An Observatory For Italian Journalism a Key Resource For The Italian World of Communication

We can just think about the advent in the Web and how it changes the way to make and write for journalism. Journalists, bloggers and especially who want to cooperate with them, so media center and other professionalism of the world of communication, must know deeply the various aspect of this language and its characteristics. But also more complicated is the situation of Italian journalism those have particular institution to guarantee the judging protection of the journalists. But the Order of Journalist, that exist only in Italy, in the last three years has involved reforming procedure to reducing the bureaucracy and to define the roles into the various parts. In particular is important to reform the way to aced to the Order those are very strict and reduce the professional journalist to a little part of those who write for a review or a daily newspaper. The duties of the Order are also to give a legal and theoretical training which can permit to journalist to practice their profession at the expense of professionals loyal to their role as informants and aware both of their obligations of their rights in the journalistic investigation.

Just consider some recent cases of crime, theaters have become real within which many journalists have moved without the slightest respect for privacy, rights and regulations that protect people who go to join of a journalistic investigation or a case of crime. This is due, certainly not exclusively, but very importantly to a lack of knowledge of the legislation, which ends up breaking even the most important regulations of the profession because cards notes.

In this context, it becomes clear that the presence of an essential Journalism Observatory, which is not to restrict or encourage compliance with the legislation since this function is delegated to the Order of certain professional and legal institutions, but which monitors the status of ' current information in order to be able to outline the guidelines that can provide a theoretical basis in which orientation when approaching the job anyway, or when you want to practice with greater awareness and efficiency even if it is to operate within a event management company.

For this are critical for operators of other times and courses in journalism faces a deeper understanding of various issues, but also aimed at understanding the various characteristics that are peculiar to determine the mode of expression of various media in the information world are to fit. And 'in fact inaccurate and deeply inaccurate to think that the communication methods that are commonly applied to traditional media such as newspapers, magazines or television can adapt to multimedia and little attention to the feature of the web player. And 'in fact the informant has to adapt to the medium and who enjoys but it has undoubtedly need to be given the perfect knowledge of the skill of the fundamental instrument to achieve the desired result.

The role of an observatory journalism is therefore essential to achieve a perfect knowledge of the methods of the means by which it is to communicate through specific training courses for various sectors but also by direct comparison with professionals who, thanks to their experience can certainly provide the right base from which to orient themselves in this world so diverse yet so appealing.