Infertility Conditions Related to Uterine Abnormalities

Uterine Abnormalities or Uterine malformations are the results of the abnormal development of the Mullerian ducts and requires the best infertility treatment in Delhi. There are many types of abnormalities associated with Uterine like polyps, fibroids, uterine septum, and many such congenital abnormalities. Such abnormalities are congenital which means it occurs before the birth of women. Such abnormalities lead to irregular or say no periods, infertility and even problems during delivery.

Such abnormalities don't have any regular side effects or any such symptoms unless the lady is attempting to conceive. They can be distinguished when a lady is either barren or has experienced numerous unsuccessful miscarriages.

Symptoms of Uterine Abnormalities:

The most common symptoms of Uterine Abnormalities are:

With abnormal uterus, can I get pregnant?

Well, the answer totally depends upon the abnormality of the uterus. Also, depending upon the abnormality, chances are that it may become difficult for you to carry your baby for 9 months.

There is no such rule; uterine variations from the norm don't influence your capacity to become pregnant. You may even not be able to understand if you have an abnormality.

Do I have an abnormal uterus?

If you visit any IVF Clinic in Delhi, regarding the problems of infertility, chances are that your doctor might recommend you to some specialist for the checkups of the uterus.

Your specialist may do following checkups and tests to determine if you have an abnormal uterus.

Treatment of Uterine Abnormalities:

If Non-obstructive abnormalities cause abnormal pregnancy and premature delivery, they can be remedied surgically. A uterine septum is the most common type of abnormality associated with pregnancy misfortune. This fundamentally separates the uterus into two planes. There are many IVF doctors in India who can totally standardize the uterine cavity, with the assistance of a hysteroscopy. This builds the chance of ladies conveying a healthy kid.

Is there any risk associated with uterus abnormality surgery?

There are no such major risks associated with surgery for uterus abnormalities. However, some of the common risks are an infection, pain, blood loss, scarring.

However, the suitable candidate for this surgery is decided on the basis of individual's medical history, her health and daily routine.