Redefining The Treatment Gamut of AIDS With Advanced Therapies

As medical science and technologies continue to explore new shores, innovating and launching new marvels to redefine the world, the scare and stigma of AIDS has gradually started to reduce. Gone are the days when people used to perceive the disease as a death sentence or sounding as a death knell. Although there's advanced treatment now, a lot of stigma, queries and myths still surround HIV/AIDS. For some, the human-immune deficiency virus continues to remain synonymous with death. As per WHO reports, there are around 36.5 million HIV+ people worldwide and almost half of them don't know that they test positive. However, the onset and success of viable AIDS Therapies has changed the scheme of things.

Esteemed HIV/AIDS doctors and acclaimed physicians address the myths and false notions first, and then explain the benefits of treatment.

As long as the diseased person is taking the appropriate medicines or drugs, you can expect a normal or common life span. The breakthrough is that infected persons can even opt for marriage because current innovations in treatment like Tenofovir can prevent almost 98-99% of the disease transmission from an infected husband to his uninfected partner or vice-versa.