Redefining AIDS Treatment With Advanced Drugs And Treatment

First of all, the world we live in now has come a long way in eliminating or at least minimizing the stigma and rampant falsities and myths associated with HIV/AIDS. No longer are people ostracized from societies or pushed to the corner, fearing instant infection by touching. HIV is a blood borne virus which an infected person can only transmit to the body of other person/s by the blood, semen or other bodily fluids. Touching, hugging, kissing, or eating together is pristine and harmless. Thanks to the advent and advancement of HIV Drugs, people have largely debunked those myths.

Now, the focus is on treatment. HIV medications can help in lowering your viral load, improve your life's quality and fight infections. But, even if you consume them, you can still pass on HIV to others. So, the drugs are a treatment and not cure for the virus.

You also have integrase inhibitors that stop the virus from reproducing copies. They block the key protein that enables HIV to align the DNA into good cell's structure.