How To Get Better At Texas Hold 'em Poker

Texas Hold'em poker is the most popular variants of the game which is enjoyed by millions of players around the world. This poker game is not only very exciting but also pays well when you play well. Several pro players earn big time by playing Texas Hold'em in various live poker tournaments in India.

If you are also interested in playing Texas Hold'em live freeroll poker tournaments and winning big, then here are 5 great tips to help you get better at the game.

Understand your position

The best position you can be in this game is on the button. As you will be the last person to play on the table after 3 out of 4 betting rounds i.e. the flop, the turn & the river. You will have the upper hand by having all the necessary knowledge and will be able to make an informed decision. However, the worst position at the table is the blind as you will have to act first after the flop, the turn & the river.

Focus on your opponents

When you play poker games, it is important that you focus on your hands while at the table however it is also imperative that you concentrate on the other players as well. Make sure to have a rough idea of the number of poker chips they have, analyze what cards they may own and observe their tells. Try to understand who is bluffing and who is playing tight. The more you know about the other players, the more your chances will be in winning the pot.

Control the flop

When you get a hand that is great and allows you to see the flop, then make sure not to let any of your opponents view it for free. It is important that you raise with the minimum bet at least. New players would give anything to see the flop at as much discount as possible but it can be bad move on your part.

Be Confident

Getting out right after the flop is not necessarily a bad thing but it can be very difficult for some Indian poker players to fold. If you think that you have already invested a lot of money into the pot so you should stick around and see what turns out, then it can prove to be even worse with you losing all the chips. The flop can finish your game despite starting with an excellent hand.

Act Smart

When you are on the turn and the river, it is very important that you play smartly. If you have a draw after the turn and you require an additional card to get a great hand that can be a flush or a straight, it is best to try and get the river with the cheapest means possible. In case you are assured about having a winning hand after the turn, then you should try to make it hard for your rivals to view the river. When the community cards consist of a pair, realize that you might have to face a full house. Moreover, if somehow there are 3 cards belonging to the same suit in the board, then get prepared for one of your rivals who might be holding a flush.

Once you cross the 'river', whether you decide to call, fold, bet or check, it must be based on the value of the cards you are holding as you won't be able to better your hands anymore. If you believe your rival has a better hand than yours, then bluffing at this stage will not be a wise man's move.

So there you have it! Follow these tips and you will surely get much better at the game of Texas Hold'em poker in India. You are bound to make mistakes along the way but that will only help you learn and get better with each table.