How to Stop Vape From Spitting?

Whether you're an expert vaper or just new to vape, we all have some points to still discuss. You take a nice long shot from your chosen e-juice simply, and your vape tank spits it back to you. It isn't fair and it is likely to happen often, especially if you're a clever Modder experiencing different components with your mod to get the best 'balance' and get the perfect vaping experience. It only happens when there is a lot of e-juice in the center of the coil, and it cannot be properly vaporized. Experts have solutions to avoid this easily, but for newbies who try to b tricky, here are some things to consider.

Give Your Vape Tank a Flick

Maybe you had seen the expert vapers giving their vape tanks a smart flick when they take out their vaping kit. A quick downward flick helps to clear the coil from any excess liquid and giving the best vaping experience. This is especially good advice for those who have just filled their tank.

Fire up Your Battery

Another tricky tip is to press the button and power on your battery just for a few short bursts before starting vape. This helps the extra liquid to evaporate, and you then begin your clean vape session. If there remains some excess liquid in there, you'll hear a popping sound as you fire up the battery. Keep on giving some short bursts till the popping stops.

Don't Over-Prime

If you are vaping for a long time or for a while, you may know about priming the coil. Priming means to drop some e-liquid directly onto the coil to immerse the wick and get the best of flavor. Big, flavorsome cloud lovers often do priming to get the best experience of vaping. However, there is also a risk of dropping too much liquid in at once.

Watch Yours Vape Tank

Any e-liquid vapor that has not been taken in will naturally condense and remain in the center post or mouthpiece of yours vape tank. There's a risk for it to run down and back into the coil, possibly leading to some bad spit back as you begin to inhale. To avoid this spit back, just make sure that your vape tank is properly cleaned and then dried at routine intervals. If you're an excessive and frequent vaper, you should do it once every couple of days. You should also keep observing the mid-session of your vape tank because it is likely that you need to clean it properly.

These were the tips on how to stop vape from spitting. Any vaper whether he/she is an expert or just a beginner may face these issues while vaping due to any of the mistakes. Following these tips will assist you in dealing fairly with your vape kit without any hassle and enjoy the spit-free vaping experience. Be careful not to be over clever about your vape device as it will lead you to poor performance and bad vaping experience.