Different Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

There are different types of electronic cigarettes. Knowing these options help beginners know which type of ecig is best for them. There are simple as well as complex systems. Simple units with only the basic required components cost less while complex ecigs with multiple parts and refills can cost more. While an ecig may cost less initially, it may prove expensive later if it cannot be refilled. Refillable units may cost more initially but in the long run prove inexpensive due to lower costs of refills. There are starter kits that are suitable for beginners looking to start their vaping journey. In this type of package, everything a person needs to start vaping is included.

Look-Alike E-Cig

As the name suggests, this type of e-cigarette looks almost same as a traditional cigarette. It even has a glowing LED at the front end of the stick to mimic the burning glow seen on a traditional cigarette. It is almost a disposable electronic cigarette, but extra cartridges are available. It is a good starting point for beginners who want to get a feel of an electronic cigarette before moving up to more complex systems. There is not much to do to start vaping it. The user only opens it and starts smoking similar to a normal cigarette. Some of the products available in this range can be recharged, and the cartridge can be replaced. The problem with cig-a-like is that it has a short battery life. The quality of vapor production is not good. It can be expensive to replace its cartridge regularly. Its biggest advantage is its small size. There are several e-cigarette brands that make this type of e-cigs.

Refillable Ecig

These devices sell most due to long battery life and excellent performance. The refills can be refilled quickly with the e-liquids that are available at very low costs. These liquids cost very low compared to the disposable cartridges. The biggest benefit of refill liquid system is that there are thousands of flavors that a user can try. Users of refillable e-cig enjoy the wide range of flavors and more vapor. The initial cost of such a unit can be high, but within a few weeks, the investment is recovered due to inexpensive refills.

Mods and APVs

These units are advanced versions of electronic cigarettes. Users are assured of ultimate vaping experience. Lots of customization is possible with these units. The user can determine how much vapor is needed. Even the voltage can be set at different levels to suit personal requirements and preferences. Many individuals use DIY techniques to make mods using common e-cigs. These devices are available in different sizes. High level of customization is possible with the battery and other parts. Higher vapor volume can be obtained by manipulating the powerful battery and coil system. These units are not suitable for beginners because of high costs as well as complex and time consuming set up the system.

E Cigars

Cigars conjure up images of elegance and class. Now there are electronic cigars that are similar to electronic cigarettes. There are minor differences between both types of smoking units. E cigars are not just fatter versions of electronic cigarettes. While the same technology is used in both ecig and ecigar, the cigar version is designed primarily for people who love smoking cigar. It mimics the flavor and experience of a traditional cigar. The benefit of this option over traditional cigar is that no dangerous chemicals are released in ecigars. It proves safer that traditional cigars.

E-Hookah and Shisha Pen

These products are the new entrants in the electronic cigarette market. E-shishas and e-hookahs have become popular in a short span of time. E shisha, hookah pen or shisha pen, as this type of product is known, offers users a safer alternative to tobacco smoking. The e liquids used in e-hookahs are less harmful compared to smoking a regular shisha.

Beginners should read e-cig reviews before buying any particular e-cig product. It helps know about the best e-cig brands selling in the market.