Brands Of E Cigs For Starting out

New vapers are hit with a huge array of products which are easy to use but diverse in presentation and style. For the most part, a new vaper's piece of equipment differs little brand-by-brand, but there are a few little differences to keep in mind and also some tips for finding a good brand to start with.

Disposable Ecigs

Each disposable product you find is the same format: one piece, no refills or recharging, and a cigarette-like style. In some countries, one-time e-cigs cannot contain nicotine. When they do, the amount can be as low as 1.2% or over 4% (NJOY, in particular). Typical disposable electronic cigarettes cost about $10 with some inexpensive alternatives as low as $6, but many of the cheaper versions are sold online and the best deals are offered for buying numerous items at one time. Apart from White Cloud which sells many flavors of disposables, tobacco and menthol are typical. There might be one extra flavor like Cherry (BluCigs) or Black + Blueberry (NJOY).

Rechargeable E-Cigs

An e cig can be a mini cig or an eGo, but anything more powerful is typically classified as an APV or a mod. The rechargeable system is sold as individual parts and pieces including batteries and cartomizers, or you can buy a starter kit and that is the most economical and sensible way to begin. A two-battery starter kit provides all essential pieces of equipment and provides an idea of what it would be like to vape long-term. After the cartomizers run out, you can replace them with pre-filled ones or blanks which can be filled with any e juice you want. Batteries last for around 300 charges if you buy good quality products.

Selecting a Quality Product

In order to ensure you are not being ripped off, stick to well-known brands. It is not difficult to discover the best ones: NJOY, V2, Vaporfi, South Beach Smoke, Halo, and Vapor4Life often grace these lists. Mig Cigs, White Cloud, Apollo, and Green Smoke join them frequently. Reviews and descriptions are abundant, (check out for some great reviews) so are the coupons to go with them. Affiliate marketers spread the word well although their reviews favor the brands they sell. Ask yourself, though: would you get behind a product that would leave you looking foolish? Affiliate marketers who are any good at what they do promote decent electronics and excellent e liquid.

The Best E Liquid from E Cig Companies

A few of the top e cig firms listed above also make their own e liquid to great acclaim. Apollo, Halo, and Vaporfi spring to mind. Their e liquids are made in regulated facilities to exacting standards. Their ingredients are pharmacy-approved. Bottling and mixing labs are located in the United States, so they can truly be regarded as US e juice brands.

E Liquid for Mini Cigs and eGos

But not all e liquids are good for single coil systems. Smokeless Image sells NicQuid, another high-quality US e juice, alongside their own brand. NicQuid is like the regular lines by Vaporfi, Apollo, and Halo: made with a lot of propylene glycol and little or no vegetable glycerin. The reason is that new vapers with uncomplicated systems want throat hit provided by Propylyene Glycol and also that those coils would clog up with thick e juice inside. VG provides less of a kick but a lot of vapor. Hence, the top-rated Vaporfi Grand Reserve and Apollo's Fa-Q series are both inappropriate for new consumers; save those for sub ohm tanks attached to high-watt products. Halo's e juices have risen to the top both as regular and high-VG products. Thin Apollo and Vaporfi e juices are still good, and Vaporfi offers custom blending so consumers can ask for creative combinations of flavors from a long list of possible bases. Vaporfi's e juice collection has been created by experts and consumers. Halo, however, developed a small list and has slowly been adding new flavors; maybe one each year for the past few years, focused on tobacco.