What is VBA And Why You Should Consider Using VBA in The Business Application?

Visual Basic is an implementation of Microsoft programming language. It is a programming language developed by Microsoft. In 2010 visual basics for application 7 Microsoft applications was introduced. It is used for automating processes and accessing windows API. It is a tool which people use to develop programs. It used to control the host application including features like menus, toolbars and working with custom user forms. VBA uses one application from another using automation. In most of the Microsoft Excel application, VBA is built. Many other companies like AutoCAD, CorelDraw, ArcGIS etc has also implemented VBA. Starters who know the basics of MS Excel for creating tables can learn VBA from VBA automation training from Delhi.

VBA programming gives the opportunity to do a various task in seconds on MS excel. The reasons why you should consider learning VBA are as follows-

It is very easy to learn. If you have a technical background than it is very easy to learn and understand and if you are nontechnical than initially, it will take time to understand as language code may seem difficult. The initial stage is little tough later you will learn to write statements or instructions very easily. Programming is easy if you are interested and fully dedicated to learning it.

Your performance will be increased at the high rate of speed. You can execute a large amount of data in excel applications with high speed. You will become competent and become more productive. Your company will appreciate your efforts and there are more chances of promotion. You get the opportunity to execute data in VBA form and make the whole task easy.

It provides versatility and using VBA you can create the complex program with no hassle. This program provides versatility and flexibility. It allows you execute the complex task on time. You can easily accomplish intricate calculations. It saves lots of time and effort.

After you become familiar with the programming tools and techniques and you are able to write codes and statements. You are now in the stage of better data analysis. Now data is conveyed successfully and you can interpret accurate results. Without VBA it takes lots of time to prepare reports and do data analysis. There are more chances of error. You can prepare the same report in few hours and interpret results by using VBA.

You will learn to insert a text string. Often we need to enter some common text like company name in the worksheet, for this, you can create a macro. Or for example you need to type the list of marketing people who work for the company; you can develop a macro that can automatically type the desired list of marketing people.

Through this training, you will learn to automate the task. There are few repeated tasks which you perform at the need f every month like month-end sales report, month end stock report etc. through VBA program you can perform this task in seconds. The program will do this task automatically for you at the end of each month. Your boss will be impressed by your performance and you will consistently maintain the high quality of your job.

You will learn to record macro for multiple workbook. For example, you need to perform the same task in 5 different excel sheets. By working on first workbook, the macro will perform the same task on remaining four excel sheets. It is the smart programming tool