Diploma or Degree? Which is Best For Animation?

Many students are confused while choosing the career in Animation. Once they completed 12th, they are confused to go for DIPLOMA IN MULTIMEDIA AND ANIMATION OR DEGREE IN ANIMATION AND MULTIMEDIA..

From what I have searched and compared a Bachelors in Computer Applications in India is equivalent to B.Tech/B.E in Computer Science or Information Technology and is another degree to begin a career in the field of Computers. The curriculum generally is the exposure to the new information technologies and communication systems with enhanced professional skills to apply computer science principles to solve problems produced by the interface between business and technology.

Now Animation literally is anything that moves on the screen like a cartoon character and is the visual art of creating the illusion of motion through the successive display of still images with slightly perceptible changes in positioning of images and is one of the career options twined with the study of computers. If you have an inclination for the same there is no harm is pursuing the same but if you are focused for a career in the same (Multimedia), you should consider a Bachelors degree in the same. There are many top Top Animation Institutes in Bangalore

If yet, you are considering a specific career in the field of Computers and hold a fascination for Multimedia, then you can consider the diploma along with a sound degree program in Computers as the specified or even Computer Science, Computer engineering, IT, Software Engineering etc. as well.

Despite being termed as 'Sunrise sector' for nearly a decade, the Animation industry in India has not benefited from government in any way.

Addressing their concerns at a conference on media & entertainment, Artery Animation and FX CEO Yunus Bhukari said at Focus 2017 organised by Assocham, "There is no separate government policy for the animation sector. We have been talking about the potential of this sector the past ten years and it is time to act now."

The need of the hour is to give the sector the status of an industry. Then only will it be able to bag bank loans. Animation sector in India also needs tax breaks and incentives to grow. On the human resources side, there is a need for trained professionals.

The conference had many industry experts giving suggestions on how to improve the situation. Among many suggestions that were discussed, there was one which captured the interest of audience. Indian animation industry should integrate itself with the Indian film industry instead of being two distinct entities.