Which Engineering Stream To Choose After 12th?

In India, till recently Engineering and Medicine top the list of expectations of Parents of children. Its always that every other parent you meet and ask about their dreams for their child's career path, and pop engineering or medicine would come the answer. Recently times have taken a good turn in favor of the innocent children and Parents are taking note of their interests in selecting a career path for them, which is nice. Having said that, Engineering still remains one of the most sought after streams in India even today and students with good and average marks do look out for engineering course so that they can carve out a sky rocketing career out of it.

Practically speaking, every engineering stream has its own charm and can be a sure fire brand in itself if you master it. Additionally, with globalization, the opportunities in terms are work have increased by leaps and bounds. So, here are the top five lucrative engineering options in India, based on their long term benefits.

Computer Engineering / IT - IT is booming in India and spreading its horizons beyond its roots in Bangalore and Hyderabad to other cities in India. Software engineers work for global companies and Multinational giants and can expect lucrative packages that could range upto 30 - 40 lacs per annum. Onsite opportunities across the world can give them even higher remuneration. Even freshers are offered upto 6 lacs per annum. You get to work with companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, IBM, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, to name a few and get promoted upto CTO levels.

Electronic and Communication Engineering - Though salary package vary depending upon the industry there are opportunities in various areas like railways, construction, steel industries and more. Many electronic and Communication Engineers pursue software engineering PG courses or business administration and go on to become software architects or entrepreneurs as well. Promotions include team leader and project head designation and higher managerial positions as well with salary packages upto 15 lacs per annum.

Mechanical Engineering - This is one of the evergreen streams of engineering and is definitely a lucrative one. All about design, analysis, manufacture and maintenance, Mechanical engineers can earn handsome packages as per their skill levels. An entry level graduate can easily earn upto 3 lac per Annum in India while working with giants like Mahindra & Mahindra, Reliance Power, General Motors, you can earn much more.

Biotechnology Engineering - Biotechnology is a field full of upcoming opportunities and plays a major role in agriculture and horticulture, animal husbandry, healthcare, environment and dairy farming.

Genetic Engineering - Genetic engineering is the future of engineering and even one of the most interesting engineering upcoming engineering streams. Though it is in its budding stage, the future for this stream is definitely bright.

Having said, that you must know what your interest of subject lies in, you passion lies in before you make a decision. You will only enjoy the experience of learning and excel in the field if you like it so don't just go by the bottomline, follow the line of your heart.