Benefits of CAD in Manufacturing Sector

Computer Aided Drawing or CAD has automated the manufacturing sector and paved way for enhanced productivity, better design, and cost-effectiveness. It is extensively used in the industries due to its several benefits. CAD along with CAM gets the manufacturing task done promptly and efficiently. Apart from this, other benefits of CAD in the manufacturing processes are:

1. Convenient Manufacturing

The 3D files made using the CAD software can easily be imported into the CAM production software. The CAM software then operates the machines and other tools efficaciously. It reduces ample of time that is elapsed in production planning and allocation of the process to resources.

2. It makes the designing process simpler

Different tools and fixtures are required for different manufacturing processes. CAD software integrated into CAM makes it easy to specify the fixtures and tools used for a particular type of job. Designing of the tools and fixtures becomes easy as the drawings are available with a proper description of the dimensions and materials required for the operations.

3. It makes programming on CNC machine easy

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machine is programmed prior to starting any manufacturing job. The operations are then carried out according to the programming. The program involves algorithms related to dimensions of the job, machining processes, the sequence of every process and time required by every process. CAD makes the programming part easy as all the data pertaining to the manufacturing including material, dimensions, finishing required and other useful data is included in the final design of the product. This information can directly be fed in the CAM system

4. It helps in planning and reducing the lead time

CAD has its utility in the production planning process. It aids in planning the manufacturing of the object by optimizing the resources and completing the job in the least amount of time. It also facilitates in keeping the waste and scrap to a minimum. The lead time required for manufacturing is also reduced. This makes it easy to make a schedule and accurate forecast.

5. Fast and precise drawings

Most of the time, the manufacturing process is elapsed in the designing process as it is an intricate task. CAD systems enable the engineers to design and draw rapidly which saves a substantial amount of time. Furthermore, it reduces the chances of error in the drawings so the production engineers can carry on with the process seamlessly without complaining about any mistakes in the drawings.

Due to its utility and enormous benefits, the manufacturing companies have immense demand for those candidates who have a working knowledge of CAD software. Having knowledge of this software can give the much-awaited momentum to your career.