The Best Tips For The Sure Success of CA Students

A lot of candidates appear for the CA exams every year, but the matter of fact is that a lot of students could not clear their exams at the attempt. One needs to be properly dedicated as well as precised to clear the CA exams. There are a lot more things, which you need to keep in kind to get the success in CA exams.

Learning only the theoretical part of the subjects is not enough to clear the CA exams. You need to be prepared practically as well as theoretically. You are required to manage your time wisely. There are a lot of such things that you can do to crack the CA exams. Here in this article, we are going to share the best tips for the sure success in CA exams.

1. Give priority to accounts

Accounting is the most important as well as tough subject to prepare. In case you are a commerce student, you must be already acquainted with the roots and fundamentals of accounts. While preparing the Accounts, try to solve problems as much as you can. If you are not from the commerce background, then first clear all the concepts of accounts and learn formats and formulas of the subjects.

2. Practice quantitative aptitude

This subject may be difficult for you, if you are not good at Math. But statistics are important and easier than Math, so while preparing for CA exams, you need to concentrate on statistics. Practicing statistics can help you to save your time during exams.

3. Follow reading method

To understand the topics in your subjects, you need to read the pages for five minutes and then read slowly to comprehend the topic clearly. After completing the topic in this way, you will understand the theory behind the chapter. After the clear understanding of the chapters, you would be able to solve the questions properly in less time.

4. Revision is must

Whatever you've learned, revise it properly. While revising the chapters, try to solve those questions, which you have answered incorrectly at your first attempt. Repeat this process again and again until you get the right answers to all the questions in a particular chapter. While revising the chapters, you can take previous year paper and try to solve them. This will help you tackle the difficulties during exams.

These are the best tips, which you can follow to get the sure success in CA attempts. Tips and tricks are important to clear the CA exams, but if you want to understand the subjects deeply, then you would have to take the help of an expert.