Get Idea on Use of Automated UI Testing Tool

The onset of Information Age is associated with the Digital Revolution. This digital revolution is nothing but a whole package of speed, accessibility and dividend. What has made the digital revolution going? The simple answer is software. Like every day is a new day, in a digital world every day is a 'Hello' to new software n updates.

To filter the best in the world of mushrooming software, it has become apparent to check n test for the best that will facilitate one's task. Thus this gives way to test automation and the use of Automated UI Testing Tool. Automated UI Testing Tool is a software testing tool which uses special software to check the execution of tests and also compares estimated and actual outcomes. It can automate repetitive tasks also performing additional testing which is difficult to do manually. This tool is critical for continuous delivery and continuous testing.

Amongst the many, Selenium web driver is one such Automated UI testing tool. One can acquire the knowledge and skill of Selenium web driver through the Selenium webdriver online training, an online course provided by the Selenium Labs, a professional service provider embracing the entire Information Technology sector. A successful completion of Selenium webdriver online training will facilitate you to deliver faster and better software.

Today is a world where companies are on a level competition trying to ship fast in the shortest time span and in such junction automation test and the use of automated UI testing tool becomes a necessity. Recent surveys has claimed that more than 85% of organisations are taking such automation test in which the most common test is the test of function and regression. It is also used for other testing such as load testing, unit testing and continuous integration.

Why do we need test automation? Rather why is the need for the use of automated UI testing tool? As reported in Gartner's world quality report 2016-17, benefits such as quality, process, timing, awareness, and cost related aspects are facilitated by the test automation. It validates building faster thereby reducing time to ship. Time consumption is amply reduced and the less demand of human resources for test detection along with quicker detection of bugs wholly contributes to the total reduction of cost.

The use of automated UI testing tool has also made certain practices possible such as continuous integration and continuous delivery. The repeated automated test helps to avoid human error. Initial bugs detection also helps avoid greater problems which make all the more handy for the developers. All these are made possible by the use of Automated UI testing tool.

The use of automated UI testing tool not only saves effort and precious time but also carries the privilege of providing accurate results. Thus in an era of booming software technologies one would be very lame and foolish to deny the use of such boon. Uses and application of such tool become very handy and easy. All that one need is a little time of training and there is certainly no regret.

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