How CIPD Can Change Your Career

CIPD is an acronym for Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. It is a professional body which gives accreditations and awards in human resource qualifications. The courses, awards and recognitions provided by this body are recognised in many countries, and are a standard for all HR practices across industries.

The fact that human resource strategies and practices across industries are universal makes a professional qualification in this field invaluable. In this article, we shall discuss how a CIPD qualification will help you reach new heights in your career.

Benefit #1: Raise your salary slab

The human resource industry is one which is a part of all industries. There is no organization in the world which can survive without a human resource management system and protocol in place. In this situation, if you are equipped to handle difficult situations while causing the least amount of compromise, your value automatically goes up, owing the value addition you provide to the organization. The tools to streamline human resource management are given to you through CIPD qualifications. When your solutions and strategies make big positive impacts on how the organization handles its professionals, you raise your market price.

This, and the fact that employers emphasize and prefer such qualifications a great deal. Observe the salary difference between a non-qualified and a qualified individual at the same position.

Benefit #2: Broaden avenues for career growth

CIPD is recognized as a global standard for human resource related professionalism. When you add this certification to your resume, the choicest of opportunities across the globe become available to you. Some of the major organizations and multinational companies have a qualification criteria which requires individuals to be CIPD certified. This being said, it leaves no room to slack off. If you are in the HR industry, this qualification can help you reach new heights of your career.

Benefit #3: International recognition

CIPD qualification is one of the qualifications which is recognized internationally. There is no local factor to it. Once you have this course in your bag, you can apply to international career opportunities without hesitation. This qualification is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and it stays with you wherever you go. A CIPD qualified professional is preferred in many countries to ones who are not qualified.

Benefit #4: Flexibility

CIPD courses can be accessed online or physically, as suits you. You can continue your day job and come home to take this course during the night, for a few hours every day. Another unique flexibility that this course provides is that you can apply the lessons to your work practices simultaneously. This enables you to have a real-time and synchronized learning experience.

CIPD is a great value addition to your profile. For information on human resource consultancy services, visit