Habits that You Should Avoid While Preparing for the VITEEE Exam

Vellore Institute of Technology will conduct VITEEE 2017 exam in the online mode from April 5 to April 16, 2017. VIT Engineering Entrance Examination is a computer based test (CBT) with the time duration of two and a half hours. You can write the VITEEE 2017 to secure admissions in B. Tech programmes offered by VIT's Vellore and Chennai campuses. Aspirants will have to book their VITEEE 2017 exam date and slot online for the VITEEE exam on the official website.

There is hardly any time left for the VITEEE 2017 exam date, and all aspirants must have completed their preparations. While preparing for the VITEEE exam, aspirants might acquire some habits which can dent their exam performance if not checked at the right time.

Here are some habits that you should avoid while preparing for the VITEEE exam-

•Studying while watching TV

Many students have the habit of studying while watching TV. When you are studying while watching TV, you won't be able to concentrate well. You can either watch TV or study, both cannot be done together. If you have the habit of studying while watching TV, some or other way your preparations will be affected.

•Studying in bed

We all have the habit of studying in bed, and this habit is a really bad one. Studying in bed not only spoils your concentration, it also affects your posture and can cause back aches. For studying, sitting in an upright posture on a chair and table is the best.

•Not having a study plan

When you start preparing for a competitive exam, the first thing that you should start with is making a study plan. Divide the entire syllabus across the time you have at hand, and then begin your exam preparations. A study plan is a good way to complete the entire syllabus well in time.

•Too much sleep

You need at least 8 hours sleep for a healthy mind and a healthy body. But if you are sleeping beyond that then you are surely wasting your precious time asleep. Sleeping too much makes you lazy and you won't be able to concentrate well in your studies.

•Starting late

If you want to perform well in an exam then you must begin your preparations in time. Starting late with your preparations is one habit that you must avoid.

•Social media

Wasting too much time on social media is one common habit that most students have. It is better to finish your studies first and then spend your 'free' time on the social media sites.

•Taking stress

Exams have a psychological effect on students and can give rise to fear, anxiety, and stress. If you take too much stress while preparing for your exams, you won't be able to concentrate well and ultimately your preparations will be affected.

As the VITEEE 2017 exam date is approaching, it is important to maintain a good physical and psychological balance, by taking proper sleep, food, and having faith in your exam preparations.