Latest Training Courses North America

AskEdu is a Portal which brings to you world class training in one of the most diversified fields and domains - encompassing latest courses in new sought after technologies, management disciplines, and caregiving. The catalog is one of the largest course and certification providers in North America and among the vast offerings covering a large span of disciplines:

• IT Training

IT training covers all .NET, network administration, 3G/4G communications, Cloud, Software-defined Infrastructure from Microsoft, AWS and to the transformation of the enterprise to the cloud and certification from various vendor-specific platforms and products.

• Business and Trade

Trades cover a vast range of Soft Skills, Personality Development , Public Speaking to caregiving to more specific trade specific skills and training courses : Automation, CAD/CAM, HVAC, Fashion Industry, Human resource development , financial auditors , grooming among a few from a very large course and vocation knowledge based training and certification and diplomas needed in the Job market.

• Management Sciences

Data and Business Administration skills needed for honing corporate business leadership at the middle level as well as practitioners. New age course in critical thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship and information Security are some of the most sought after courses offered through the Portal.

• Language Studies

In the flat and global business communities, second language skills in the country of their employment require language skills to fairly proficient level and in some location mandatory needs for the job requirement fulfillment. Apart from GRE, IELTS, TOEFL there are also sources offered in Arabic, Chinas, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Japanese Korean, Latin to name a few which are offered as Foreign Language courses.

• Arts

Arts and Science are both very embedded in the modern age global environment. One of the most sought for skill requirement for start-ups is to utilize Digital marketing, Media studies, Animation and Graphic design for entertainment and Internet Domain.

• Health and Well Being

Health and Well Being specialization are much-needed skills to today stress-filled lifestyles. Corporate are increasing engaging health and well-being Practitioner to ensure employee retention. Modern workplaces and young new age employee find and seek fulfillment through engaging in this stress busting techniques.

It provides free of cost indexing various sources from among the various disciplines mentioned above, mapping of prospective students from various engineering and vocational schools from the US, UK, India, Australia, Canada , Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, UAE, and Singapore, largest being North America.

The training has large search filters by which the selections can be made by prospective students in search of skills and certifications as well as faculty and Subject Matter Experts with world class content generation and dissemination. The training modes covered are for Corporate Training, Workshops, Online courses Training and mixed mode online and classroom combination catering for up-skilling students, working professionals and Work from home.