Check Icici Personal Loan Eligibility And Apply For a Personal Loan Now!

Personal loans at ICICI Bank are unsecured loans with the facility of one of the highest loan amount facility. Unlike any other credit facility, a personal loan gives you instant fund and is the best option for sudden financial needs like a medical emergency or higher education or a trip or for your wedding. So, if you have any plans that have been stuck because of money, it is time to execute them. ICICI personal loan is available at affordable rates with the maximum loan amount up to ₹40 lakhs. Let us have a close look at the ICICI personal loan details.

ICICI Personal Loan Eligibility

Just like any other loan, this loan is also approved on the basis of the eligibility criteria. The better your profile, the higher is the possibility to get a better rate. The eligibility criterion at ICICI Bank for a personal loan is subject to change from one profession to another and is as follows:

For Salaried:

For Self-employed:

The applicants should have a relationship with the ICICI bank for a minimum of 1 year like an account holder or an existing loan customer wherein the loan is either running or would end in the initial 36 months of the loan tenure

Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

An eligibility calculator is a tool with the help you can check how much loan amount you can get on the basis of your income. There are many eligibility calculators in the market that can be used for this purpose. By doing so, you can know in advance how much loan amount you can get and see if it matches your financial needs or not. However, with the maximum loan amount of up to ₹40 lakhs, ICICI Bank does not let you disheartened.

How to apply for personal loan online

You can apply for a personal loan through the official website of the bank. All you have to do is follow the below steps:

Fill up the loan application form with correct personal details like the name of the applicant/s, the income of the person who wants to take the loan and the profession, etc.

Submit the form along with the required documents and submit online

Documents Needed

The documentation process at ICICI Bank is simple and quick so as to make it convenient. Since there is no security needed, the process includes the below-listed document verification:

For Salaried:

For Self-employed:

Loan Application Status

Once you have applied for the loan online, you can check the status of your application also. You can login to the website with the help of the application number that you get at the time of applying. With the help of the application number, registered mobile number, and date of birth, you can check the application status within few minutes.