Types And Risks of Cosmetic Surgery You Must Know About

Everyone has the right to look beautiful. And people give their best to change that one thing that comes in their way to attain beauty. From workouts and diets, to medical procedures, both men and women can be seen incorporating these changes in their lives. And this need to maintain a beautiful body escalates as we age.

Science has made considerable progress in the field of cosmetics too, and today, choosing for the best cosmetic surgery is relatively easier. To begin with, here are few of the most common types of cosmetic surgery you must know about:

Abdominoplasty, involves removing and tightening of the extra fat and skin from the abdominal area.

Blepharoplasty, involves correcting dropping eyelids or the bags under the eyes.

Brachioplasty, involves toning the upper arms.

Dermabrasion, involves rubbing out wrinkles and facial blemishes, leaving behind softer and newer skin.

Forehead lift, involves straightening out droops and lines by removing excess tissues and tightening the forehead muscles.

Gynaecomastia, involves removing excess fat or glandular tissue from a man's breast.

Hair transplantation, involves moving hair from a donor area to the balding area, under medical supervision, to give a fuller look on the head.

Lip augmentation, involves pumping the lips to improve their body. Though it is quite popular amongst celebrities, many women are opting for this technique for prominent puckers.

Liposuction, involves the removal of fat deposits through suction.

Mammoplasty, involves enlarging a woman's breast. It is also known as breast augmentation.

Mastopexy, involves raising and reshaping the breasts for a firmer look.

Rhinoplasty, involves reshaping the nose to make it bigger, smaller, or well-shaped.

Rhytidectomy, involves re-draping the facial skin after removing the excess fat and tightening the muscles.

Thigh lift, involves removing cellulite and extra skin from the thighs for a toned look.

Though the list looks lucrative and an answer to all your cosmetic problems, there are certain risks associated with these surgeries that you should be aware of.

General appearance dissatisfaction



Nerve damage



Blood loss

Anaesthesia complications

Deep vein thrombosis

Organ damage

If you are sure that a cosmetic procedure can cure your problem, wait no more and book an appointment with the best cosmetic surgeon to probe further. An experienced surgeon will be able to avoid any complications after a thorough medical diagnosis. With cosmetic surgery, beauty is just a step away from you now!