What Kind Of An Achievement Is A Financial Planner Certification?

This is a globally acclaimed credential that can definitely help your way up to the highly competitive financial services industry. So if you are aiming for a long lasting career in the FS industry then becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professional is the key to it.

A CFP Certification is the designation awarded to those FP as well as other professionals who were able to complete the formal Certified Financial Planner course program and was able to pass the Certified Financial Planner Certification Examination. This prestigious designation is awarded by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board). On top of that CFP professionals are also member of the highly respectable Financial Planning Association (FPA).

The FPC is a credential earned by FP as well as other professionals who wish to establish a strong career in the financial services industry. This post graduate certification is also earned by individuals who wish to take a notch in their financial planning career, get better opportunities in the industry, earn a higher salary compensation, broaden their scope of learning, strengthen and enhance their skills and most of all keep up with ongoing standards of the highly competitive FS industry. Therefore, with the CFP Certification you can definitely set forth a strong and most of all a competitive career in both the financial planning sector and the FS industry.

For you to earn such designation and be called a CFP you must first comply with all the requirements set by the CFP Boards. You have to meet the educational qualifications wherein you have to earn a Bachelor's degree or higher from any form of discipline as long as it is from an accredited school. It may not matter what major you earned your degree but it would of your advantage if you have good educational background in the fields of finance, accountancy, mathematics and economics. The broader your educational background the better it is.

You must also complete the formal CFP course program wherein you are required to take special course subjects that are relevant in financial services.

Listed below are the special course subjects that you have to take:

And lastly, you must also have a full time 3 years working experience as a financial planner or any career related in the FS industry. After completing the educational and working requirements you must then submit to a full background check and most of all you have to adhere closely to the Code of Ethics set by the CFP Board.