3 Ways a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Might Betray You

Technology has added flavors of luxury and convenience in our daily life. Advancement in the mean of transportation and Appliances are some of the things from that list. Sticking to appliances there are many handy pieces of machinery that assist us in our daily routine tasks. They have minimized our efforts and save time. In a list of useful machinery, refrigerator comes on top as it the most accustomed appliance in a household. It is a basic rule that when you are getting a service than in return you also have to pay something. Maintenance is the thing that is due on your side in order to maintain efficiency and extended lifespan of appliance. Sub Zero Refrigerator has been evolved through technology in past decades. There might be some problems as it is a machinery and it might betray you. We have summed up some DIY thing for your Refrigerator but if it is not fixed then you might get help from professional appliance technician.

Vacuum Condenser

A common problem that can be highlighted by yourself about your refrigerator is when its vacuum condenser light turns on. The light is a sign of worrisome. It depicts that your refrigerator has to do a lot of hard work to carry out the function. In order to deal with this problem, you can check cleanliness of condenser coil. If they are having dirt or clogged than the heat emission by them is minimized which make refrigerator to work harder to keep the food cool. Cleaning this coil is a best way to overcome this problem and if you are having any pets than the coils should be cleaned after every six months. If coils are cleaned than other scenario can be that your evaporator coil might have a hole through which there would be a Freon (Gas used) leakage. To prevent condition from getting even worse a professional technician should be called to get rid of refrigerator malfunctioning.

Cooling/Freezing Problem

In Sub Zero units there are two compressors separately dedicated for refrigerator and freezer. In most refrigerators and some high-end refrigerators there is only one compressor for the entire unit. Common Cause of cooling/freezing problem (Not limited to these) are due to:

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Leakage of Water

There can be a number of causes for water leakage. The first could be a clogged or frozen defrost drain. This can be handled by clearing ice and adding warm water to flush the debris. Some other culprits for this problem include:

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