The Best Places/Methods To Find Shopping Coupons

A coupon is a great way to save money when shopping - be it online or at a brick and mortar store. Almost all types of businesses offer coupons to attract new customers and sustain existing buyers. Home goods companies such as Wayfair, web hosting firms such as Media Temple, large e-commerce firms such as eBay, etc. offer their own unique coupons. These coupons are not hard to find. In fact, there are websites that exist only to offer coupons across a range of product categories. Newspapers and magazines are offline sources to acquire coupons. In case you want to know more, the following are the ways and places to grab hold of the best coupons.

Newspaper Inserts

A newspaper comes with some great mix of coupons, especially the ones published on Sundays. In fact, you can get newspaper subscriptions for a much lesser price with coupons. In case you live in a small town, your local newspaper may not be the most happening in terms of deals and coupons. Try getting your hands on a paper that's published for a nearby big city. The bigger cities, for obvious reasons, have more coupons compared to smaller towns.

Generally, these coupons are inserted as separate leaflets into the newspaper. If you're not on a subscription model and are buying the paper only on a Sunday, ensure you don't buy the paper from the shelves outside a store. Those may be missing the coupons. Go inside the store for your copy.

In the case of magazines, you're likely to find coupons for more elite or niche items - including coupons for baby items, beauty items for teens, automobiles, organic foods, exercise equipment, etc. Grocery and household item coupons are also available with magazines, but those aren't the majority.

Cashback Sites

Cashback is a recent technique to save money while shopping and it has become quite popular. Using the cashback feature on e-commerce websites, you can save a good chunk of money, especially if you shop frequently. The savings you make using the cashback feature doesn't come to your bank account or in your hand immediately. It usually takes a couple of days to weeks for the money to realize into your account you have opened with the particular cashback site. Once the amount of cash saved has exceeded the minimum withdrawal limit, you may push the money to your bank account or draw a check against it.

The actual base withdrawal amount differs across sites. Your purchase invoice won't reflect the savings made. It will still indicate you've paid the original or complete retail price for the product. The best part about these cashback sites is you may also use third party coupons, in addition to the cashback.


An e-coupon is an electronic or digital coupon offered by many drug and grocery stores. Usually, such coupons are available for first-time buyers; the existing customers often get notified via email about the new coupons on offer. These coupons are offered by the manufacturer and not necessarily the retailer, and therefore they cannot be merged with other electronic or paper coupons. Visit the website for some of my favorite coupons I use.

Product Package

At times, a product package or wrap is more than just a product shield. Many companies offer rebate forms and valuable coupons within or on the package. These coupons' expiry dates are dependent on the primary product's shelf life, which is usually greater than any other types of coupons since most products are designed to last for several months or years. The coupons that you find online may generally have a life of four weeks. The ones that come with the packaging would last at least six months, which again hinges on the shelf life of the actual product purchased. Also, the face value or the total savings made with package coupons could be significantly higher.

Asking for Coupons

Not all companies or sellers give coupons. At times, the product or service you're eyeing may not be readily available to be bought at a discount. In such cases, get in touch with the company directly and ask for a coupon. You may not necessarily receive a positive response or a response at all from the firm, but there are some companies that may present you with a coupon just because you asked for one. Your likelihood of getting a coupon is higher if you've been a regular buyer of the company's products/services. Generally, companies keep note of their customers' shopping patterns/behaviors in ways we may not be aware of.

You can contact the company through email or telephone. An email is usually the more effective route since that makes it easier to talk to the top management of the company. When on the phone, you're likely to hook up with the in-house or outsourced call center team of the company, which comprises the lower grade employees who do not obviously have the authority to help you acquire coupon(s).