Some Important Things That Should Not be Ignored During Shopfitting

Shop fitting has a very strong impact on the decisions of customers and that is why it is an extremely important part of business. The importance of shop fitting cannot be ignored whether you are setting up a new business or refurbishing the old one.

The main objective of shop fitting is to lure more customers to your shop. You should have a design which encourages the customers to buy your products. It should also make them comfortable enough to stay longer in the shop and explore your place. In order to achieve this you have to pay attention to all the different aspects of shop fitting. You have to plan very carefully what the design of shop signage should be, what the customers will see in the windows, what will their eyes fall on what they enter the shop etc.

Here are some of the aspects of shop fitting which should be considered while shop fitting:

Movement of the customers:

The first question that should be asked the shop fitters is the movement of the customers through the stores. From the moment the customers enter they should feel comfortable and with a desire to explore the entire store and check out the products. The display stands, signage and the walking routes should be designed to make sure that customers are able find their way in the store. The design should be latest but there should be a good balance between style and convenience. The access to the product should be made easy and customers should be able to locate all the required items easily.

Signage of the shop is the first thing that attracts the customers. The next thing that is vital for good and convenient customer journey is good customer service. Tills and changing rooms are also a part of customer journey.

The best and your major attractions should be displayed so that they are the center of attraction.

Functions of the back-of-house.:

The shop fitting is not just limited to the front and displaying area of the shop. The layout of the place also includes the places like the storage for the back-of-house functions. The product storage is an important part of business as it allows you to have your products stored near to the displaying area and you can easily restock when needed. The storage area also needs to be organizes with proper shelving and equipment so the need of getting it designed by the experience shop fitters is as much as the skilled design of the front of the shop.

Lighting of the shop:

Lighting is a vital part of shop fitting. It is the lighting of the shop which brings your product to life and makes it much more appealing to the customers. The brightly lit areas are always appreciated by the customers. Customers do not like poorly lit shops because the products are not easily visible and the customer journey is not very comfortable as well.


Flexibility is very important in shop fitting. If you ever have to reconfigure your place because you are planning on displaying different products then having flexibility in your design can help you save a lot of money. You can use moveable racks, moveable shelves and make it easier to refurbish the place.