Window Cleaning Equipment & Cleaning Chemicals

Cleanliness and hygiene are one of the important criteria's that define the health and quality of a workplace or a home. Maintaining them can be a tedious job and ignorance can lead to a health hazard leading to an EHS concern in a workplace. provides cleaning solutions and accessories for one's hygiene maintenance problems. Either it is a small or large corporate office, our company provides state-of-the-art products and equipment that is required to support your facilities team to maintain a clean work environment at cost-effective prices.

Current offices and tech parks are all modern designs; hence the use of glass as a building material is significant. Generally, these buildings are tall structures and have glass windows connecting the floor to the ceiling. Even the entrance and exit doors are entirely made of glass. With such tall structures and complex designs, it gets difficult to clean these windows and doors. has just the right Window Cleaning Kit and Glass Cleaning Tools for your facilities staff.

Window and Glass Cleaning

There are many factors that define the window and glass cleaning. Questions like, "Are the windows divided with panes?", "Is there the right equipment with you to do the cleaning job?" and much more. If you have a professional team but lack the right equipment, then cleaning these windows can be a nightmare. Some windows are high while others become difficult to clean in the corners. We at offer following Window Cleaning Products that will solve your problems.

1: Safety Products

Safety is important criteria that your facilities team will face while using the Glass Cleaning Tools. A safe worker can perform the task with great efficiency and speed. From lightweight ear muffs to lightweight Aluminum harnesses to face masks to helmets, everything is available in our store at reasonable prices. Safety should always come first.

2: Micro Fiber Cloth

Fiber cloths are the best option to clean windows and glass panels. Our store has a wide variety of these clothes to choose from. They absorb more dust and can be re-used again after a wash. This product will become an integral part of your Window cleaning kit.

3: Glass Cleaning Chemicals

The cleaning agents and solutions on our portal are standard products manufactured by famous brands and are approved to be used for commercial cleaning purposes. These products are not hazardous will complement your Window Cleaning Tools.

4: Window Cleaning Tools

All the standard products from window washers to scrapers to squeegee are available on our portal to help your facilities team maintain shiny and clean windows at your workplace or household.

The first impression of your workplace or house is from is exterior look, hence it is important to keep the windows and glass panels clean as they are subjected to environment's ravage such as rain, pollution, dust etc., that spoils the looks and degrades the building's life. All our products can be customized based on the company's or an individual's requirement. We even offer free training to our customers which can help your team to be efficient in their usage and prevent equipment damage. We look forward to serving you!