A Cuddly Bear Makes a Great Gift

Who does not like the soft grizzly teddy? Everyone does and why not, they the perfect cuddle companions. There are firms that have been making everything related to the teddy and you can get your subscription too. When you chose the monthly subscription you are actually getting the opportunity to gift your special someone the opportunity to get cuddles throughout the year. There are about six different costumes and bears to choose from. Once they are selected it shall be delivered to every lucky girl or boy every month of the year. At checkout, one gets the provision of getting a ten percent discount on the subscriptions. Here are the features of the company.

Choosing furry friend

The teddies are for every friend of yours along with you and this involves hosting themed parties. Asleep overactivity can be planned and so much more. You can Build Your Own Teddy Bear with just a few simple steps. It all begins with choosing the bear where you get to pick the one that appears adorable to you. The cuddle can be selected by you in the next step where you choose the stuffing. This stuffing gives it the life and your perfect hug. In the third step, you get to add the heart where you may send a wish or a kiss.

Having adventure

While you Build a Bear the process continues when after a kiss and wish have been added you must keep the teddy safe. It is kept safe with the addition of the zip and there are special zips that keep them protected. Once you have provided your teddy the much-needed safety select a name. This is to complete its birth certificate so that it becomes anyone like your kids and their friends. Once all this is done the teddy calls for having an ultimate adventure. There is a wide variety of costumes available on the websites and you shall not face any problems at all. Some of the very popular ones include the Superhero outfit, bat outfit, fireman, elf, ladybird, pink fairy, ice princess and garden fairy.

Great way to celebrate birthdays

As you Make a bear you can choose which ones shall make it to your parties for the little ones. The accessories like Carrying boxes, the sound box with the sound of the jingle bells and many can be selected to have a great time. The Same bear can be chosen or different ones from a huge variety of stock. The very popular cuddly toys available are the dog Sherbert, Lion King, the unicorn called sparkle, bear chestnut, the rainbow bear and much more. A grand party with these as you companions for your loved one can totally change the party scene.

Furry friends

With such variety of teddy bears, you can select the one that appeals to your eyes and is on with the most spectacular party ever. You will be making a lifetime friend for as little as somewhere around fifteen dollars. There are provisions for wholesale customers so that you can bulk purchase them for the website.