Is Ansel Elgort The Most Popular Millennial Figure in Hollywood?

Ansel Elgort is the most handsome American teen Celeb actors who easily fit into the millennial actor top slot for the millennial fans. We got to see Ansel pour romantic tinge as Augustus Waters in the very successful romantic Hollywood movie, The Fault in Our Stars. The movie revolves around the budding love between two health patient and Ansel bagged Fan Favorite Actor along with Choice Movie awards for the same in the year 2014.

Hollywood movies has always been a great source of handsome actors who debuted and become stars instantly as it is a conventional Hollywood trend carried on by the mega success of the Titanic movie. Leonardo Dicaprio gained infinite global fan following credited to his romantic movies foray starting with Titanic onwards.

Talking about Ansel Elgort musical recent heist focused, "Baby Driver" released in the year 2017, the global audience has a mixed response. Ansel Elgort baby driver movie is an experimental movie revolving around heist with musical background. Ansel very first initial movie is Divergent releases in the year 2014 where he portrayed the character of Caleb Prior, is an action science fiction flick.

The next big movie projectAnsel Elgort would be seen is crime based Flick November Criminals slated for a world-wide release as on December 8, 2017. Who say that actors are not multitalented we have Ansel Elgort own collections of melodious music sung by him in the form of SoundCloud account.

Ansel Elgort is very much attached to his childhood girlfriend Violetta Komyshan, and we got to see Ansel very own music video featuring Violetta under the name "Thief" release on Feb of 2017.

Celebs are the most active on Social media platforms and Instagram comes on the top when you need Nano sec updates of your Favorite actors. Ansel is leading the list of most famous Hollywood celebrity having profound eight million followers on Instagram and more added daily.

This year 2017, "Halloween", is round the corner and it is celebrated worldwide in a number of countries, marking an end of the harvest season. Happy Halloween make your Halloween date 31st October Tuesday, more frightening and spooky with your favorite handsome actor Ansel Elgort enact as Tommy Ross in the supernatural horror 2013 film, "Carrie".