Tarannum Khan- A True Helping Lady for Muslim Women in Tanzania

Islam is spread all over the world and there would be few places where you can't find Muslims. The reason behind the widespread of Muslims is that their religion is second largest and the fastest growing in the world. If you move around Africa, you would found many countries have adopted Islam entirely. As such, there is one country in East Africa named Tanzania where Muslims are found in the majority. In Tanzania, there are numerous Muslim women who are deprived of their basic rights including education. In this article, you will come to know about how a lady come forward to help these women in getting best education system for them and also many things apart from that.

Tanzania- One of the poorest countries in the world

Yes, if you look at the economy of the country, then you will find that Tanzania is one of the poorest countries and this is the reason there is an immense lack of resources in the country. The poverty is at its worst and this can easily be visible in their education system. Basically, the country depends on individual's efforts who come forward to help others in educating them.

Tarannum Khan- A True Lady

Positivity, enthusiasm, courage and zeal are some adjectives that define Tarannum Khan. She is also known as TK. Tarnnum is a Muslim preacher who is involved many societal activities. She preaches in one of the known and famous mosques of the country. She is also an integral part of growing female Muslim preacher trend in the country.

She Remains in Burqua, knows why?

A burqa is also known as paranja and chadri in Central Asia which is an outer garment enveloping Muslim women and worn by them in some Islamic traditions.

The face-veiling portion is typically a rectangular part of semi-transparent cloth with its top portion attached to the edge of the head-scarf to let the veil hangs down casing the face and can be twisted up if the woman needs. In added styles, the niqab of the covering is attached to one side, and envelopes the face only under the eyes, letting the eyes to be seen.

Tarannum Khan remains in Burqua and advocates it as such she believes that Islam teaches men and women both to dress up nicely in public and maintain their societal image.

No Support from Government-

It was the time when TK needed a license to start her preaching but the Tanzanian government did not support the lady. It takes two complete years in getting the necessary license. But, her courage and desire did not stop here and finally, she started her preaching. She also works for the improvement of Muslim girl education.