PIR Sensor Market Size, Share, Growth, Analysis - Forecasts To 2025

The market report is designed to provide a complete view on the global PIR Sensor market. This business intelligence report has been categorised into qualitative and quantitative insights over the forecast period (2017-2025). The demand and supply matrix section falls under the qualitative information category, wherein, the market dynamics for PIR Sensor have been studied considering a short term forecast of the factors/variables influencing the industry. The market segments and their respective estimates & forecasts have been covered under the quantitative information category. Forecasts & trend analysis for each country and region is also available in the study. The report concludes by providing competitor analysis for major market participants profiled by analysing their organic & inorganic growth strategies, regional presence, and product portfolio among others.

An Analysis of Widespread Popularity of Indian Sweets

Sweets are an integral part of traditional Indian delicacies. Indian sweet dishes have always enjoyed massive popularity in the country and abroad. Like Indian spices, Indian sweets are loved for their divine taste and varieties. These delicacies are a true reflection of Indian culture, which is rich and diverse. Indian confectionaries and sweets are divided under 5 major categories according to regions and cultures. Five regions include Northern, Eastern, Western, Southern and Central Indian. Food habits, preparation and culinary tradition vastly differ from one region to another and that has contributed to the varieties in sweets.

Reasons to Opt For Fundamental Analysis of a Company

Do you invest in equities looking at the stock price or the company? You may argue that both approaches are the same. However, there is a vast difference between these two methods of stock investment. If you invest just looking at the stock price levels and because someone told you that it's a good buy at those levels, doesn't always imply that the company has been doing well consistently. What if you invest in some company shares and later realize that the company is having a huge debt and delivering inconsistent results every quarter?

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