The Causes of Prostatitis

It has not been clear why prostate can be ill, but there are many researchers who have implemented study about the causes of prostate. In numerous results of research, the most remarkable achievement is that prostatitis has a close link with urinary fluid upstream.

Belching Causes And Symptoms And Home Remedy Treatment For Belching

Belching or burping is also medically referred as eructation or ructus. Essentially it is a process of releasing gas from the digestive tract through the mouth. A typical odor or sound may also accompany the process of gas release. Belching is a common universal phenomenon and not limited to few people with any specific disorder. Infants to older adults belch or burp to expel air that has been swallowed in excess. Belching relieves the abdomen of discomfort caused due to the excess air.

Why Is Menopause One Of The Major Causes Of A Prolapsed Uterus?

Menopause is a time when ovaries stop producing the hormones like estrogen and progesterone. It is the end of your period cycle forever and your first step to aging. A new start of women's life comes with a number of health issues. Menopause affects the pelvic health because of the loss of estrogen, which further causes a prolapsed uterus. Estrogen is a hormone in the woman's body that keeps the pelvic muscles, ligaments, and tissue strong and elastic and when your period cycle stop, so, it increases the deficiency of estrogen hormone in your body, which weakened the muscles drastically. The weakening of the pelvic muscles drops down the uterus from its actual position and creates a painful and embarrassing situation for a woman to deal with.

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