Common Household Pests And How to Control Them

Pest control is the management of a particular pest, which is acting as a parasite by causing health or financial damage to an establishment and the people therein. There are pest control agencies, which employ exterminators, who are experts in the task of management and eradication of pests. They deploy different techniques depending on the situation and ensure that life around is not affected in the attempt to kill or eradicate the pests.

Buy One Touch Select Strips And Take Control Of Your Diabetes

One touch select test strips are utilized to monitor glucose levels in our blood at the comfort of home. One touch select simple test strips are India's largest-selling strips and ideal for self-blood glucose monitoring for type 1 and 2 diabetes patients. One touch select simple 25 test strips are virtually pain-free and give you accurate results in just 5 seconds. You can peacefully sit in the comfort of an office or home and perform this test on your own.

How Ayurveda Helps In Management And Control Of Diabetes And Its Symptoms?

Diabetes which is also called as Madhumeh is a condition that is characterized by high levels of sugar content in the blood. Also this condition results in excessive physical weakness in case it is left untreated. The malfunctioning of beta cells of pancreas is primarily responsible for causing diabetes in a person. It is due to interference with normal production of insulin hormone in the body. Since this hormone is chiefly responsible for glucose oxidation and its conversion into energy therefore low level of this important hormone or its absence from the body may lead to the condition called as high blood sugar.

Stroke - a Risk That Can be Controlled

Stroke is a phenomenon impossible to ignore because of its frequency and serious consequences: death, disability, long and difficult recovery. Worldwide, it is one of the top causes of death and the leading cause of disability; annually is registered 15 million of these diseases, resulting in 5 million deaths and 5 million cases of disability. This means that in the world, one in ten deaths are caused by stroke. For example, in the U.S., annually, for a population of about 300 million occurs approximately 800,000 cases, of which 600,000 patients are the first event of its kind, and the rest have gone through a stroke, while death toll rises to 140,000. In other words, at 40 seconds produces a stroke and at four minutes a death because of it.