Corneal Diseases - What One Should Know?

Cornea is that part of the eye which protects it against dirt, germs and other foreign particles. Most importantly, its refractive curvature helps the eyes to focus light on the lens and further to the retina. The retina then transforms the light into electrical impulses and sends it to the brain where such impulses are converted into vision. Shaped like an hour glass, cornea is tough and smooth and is subdivided into five layers: Epithelium, Bowman's membrane, Stroma, Descemet's Membrane and Endothelium.

Ayurveda For Digestive Diseases

In Ayurveda, it is believed that in case food digestion is not good, the key reason behind may be the insufficient working of Agni or the gastric fire. Because of the food which remains undigested, Ama causes different digestion diseases. As the Ama builds up in the system of the body, it leads to the formulation of many other diseases. Ayurveda treatments use diet, detoxification techniques, herbal and mineral remedies, yoga, meditation, and massage as methods for treating these diseases. Discussed below is about the symptoms, causes and treatment of digestive disorders:

Menstruation is Abnormal? Caution Four Types of Diseases!

Menstruation is very important for women, after puberty and before menopause, it is like an old friend f to visit women on a regular basis. Medically speaking, menstruation is refers to the periodic ovulation with ovarian and endometrial periodic shedding and bleeding, the emergence of the regular menstrual is one of the symbols of mature reproductive function.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease A Kind of Disease You Cannot Ignore!

Female pelvic inflammatory disease more commonly occur in menstrual period, people who have more sexual life more likely to develop pelvic inflammatory disease, women who is postmenopausal or unmarried seldom suffer from this disease. Pelvic inflammation diseases were divided into acute and chronic pelvic inflammation. General speaking, if acute pelvic inflammatory disease without cure, patients with poor body system may suffer from disease recurrence, leading to chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

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