Perspective of Civil Engineering in India

Every parent in India wants their children to become engineers or doctor. These are the two professions that majority of Indian children will answer when asked about their dream/aim when they grew older. I am not criticism the scenario of India, the case may be same for another country too, but being an Indian I have seen the situation in India. Even myself I done by B-tech, so by education, I am an engineer. The main why I am referring this is because being a career Counselor I would like provides a helping hand in choosing the right path.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course - Exploring The Endless Career Opportunities

The aviation industry is a much sought after sector in India offering vast array of job opportunities for the young and enthusiastic aspirants. Aircraft maintenance engineering course is one such division of aviation industry that helps you to acquire an authorized license by DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation). Do not mistake it with the profession of aerospace and aeronautical engineers. Both the professions have minute difference between them.

Scope of Engineering in India

Engineering is considered to be a discipline, an art and a profession that seeks to apply scientific theory towards designing, developing and analyzing technological solutions. The major basic branches of engineering are chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical & industrial engineering. All other sub disciplines are considered to be combinations & extensions of the major branches of engineering.

Find Your Best Engineering College in Delhi

India is the third largest country which is providing a huge number of students every year. Every state of India is trying to produce career aspirants and engineering is the topmost field among them. After school, a student plans his goals for the future and according to that he plans his college. MeetCareer is an education portal that is making efforts to help every single student to meet success in his career. Our attempt is to make India a better educational center for students.

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