Hie Pain Points Expected in The Implementation of Project Healthureum And How to Counter Them

The Healthureum project might have employed one of the best and most recent innovations to enable medical facilities to provide better healthcare services, but it takes more than the technology to achieve this dream. According to IBM, Blockchain technology has its limitations just like any other technology and is not applicable in all scenarios. However, it is the best solution thus far to improving data management and medical transactions in the healthcare sector.

How Expected Parents Can Well Prepare For Birth Defects in Singapore

Singapore is now experiencing a high rate of birth defects that is common among the children due to pollution, no proper diet or any hereditary reason. As per the report, about 2 in every 100 births face various defects and due to this, couples should be well prepared in advanced to provide quality treatment. This defect may be of structural like congenital heart conditions, cleft lip or palate, deformed limbs or spinal defects and the functional defects may be related to hearing, visual, brain development or metabolic disorders. Medical treatment for all these defects cost high and people often are not prepared for it.

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