Some Unknown Facts About The Sculpture Artworks

What exactly clicks in the mind when one thinks of sculptures? Most of the people instantly foresee the famous statues such as the Greek Venus De Milo who is housed in the Louvre and the statue of Michelangelo which is housed in the Gallery of Florence. One reason because of which most of the people think of the old statues whenever the word 'sculptures' clicks in the mind is that most of the preserved artworks from diverse epochs of history is actually sculptural. An Outdoor Modern Sculpture made up of stone can be preserved well as compared to the sculptures made up of the other materials. But, how much people know about sculptures?

Interesting Facts About The Letter V

For those of us who are looking to improve our vocabulary for the sake of winning a Scrabble game or two, learning new words can definitely become a boring and even frustrating activity. Despite the obvious benefit of becoming a serious player to be reckoned with, committing words to memory can still be an arduous task for some of us. When it comes to learning words that start with V, discovering some interesting facts about the letter can vivify us whenever we feel like quitting.

Major Myths And Facts About Depression Everybody in This 21'st Century Should Know!

One of my patients asked me to change my designation as stress and wellness specialist rather than a psychiatrist. It really surprised me. She was in depression for last 3-4 months and was facing lots of stress at the workplace due to mental disabilities caused by depression. Three years ago her mother also tried to commit suicide because of depression. Despite knowing all facts about depression, she was feeling awkward going to a psychiatrist because of so called stigma attached to it. She did not take appropriate steps to solve the problem by consulting the Psychologist or Psychiatrist. Finally, she was not able to continue her job and faced many psychosocial consequences. Being a mental health professional, we are observing their problems daily. We observe people wasting their productive years due to repeated episodes of depression. Because of that, I want to share some myths and facts related to depression and other psychiatric illnesses.

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