The Pharmaceutical Industry is Building The Future of India

The pharma industry is a booming industry with sales and marketing executives working extensively for its widespread. However, a new model will now takeover with a major shift in pharmaceutical industry from mass market to target market methodology in order to augment profits. The future of the pharma industry seems to be very bright in India as it is the third largest pharma industry throughout the world.The Indian pharmaceutical industry is emerging as the best industry to invest in, thru the world and many multinational pharma companies are doing fairly well in India in comparison to other countries worldwide. The industry has low risks with augmented returns and great potential of growth due to which several investors are directed towards the industry.

Essential Oils - Could The Future of Medicine Have Been Right Under Our Noses All Along?

In the United States alone, there are over 100,000 deaths a year due to nasty reactions to prescription drugs. That is an absolutely insane statistic, particularly given the fact that we are in 2018! The modern medical system has indeed come a long way in recent years, there's no denying that; though where are we going wrong? And are there any alternative medicines that could contribute towards alleviating some of these needless deaths?

Designer Maternity Wear For Future Mother

Being a mother is the great feeling and the happiest moment of the life. This is the gift of God and every woman wants to have it in her life. A woman has a child in her womb about 9 months and around this period, she faces many problems. The body of a woman expands in size due to carry a life inside her and thus the clothes that she wears also should be expanded in size to feel comfortable.

The Future of Concierge Medicines in India Should Physicians And Patients Consider It?

Medical concierge services have been growing in popularity over the last decade or so. This practice is especially common in places where patients specialized care or need their doctors to always be on call in case of anything. The way this mode works is, the patient pays a premium in order to get access to a doctor at any time. This translates to not only specialized care but also low wait times, 24/7 medical care as well as same-day doctor visits. This is a very good model for patients and doctors who really need it.

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