VR Beyond Gaming

Well, all the gamers and the gadget hounds are very much familiar with the Virtual Reality tech and it has just become the hottest thing on the block for all of them. But for others who got to know about this emerging technology very recently, VR seems to be a one track way. And for all you people who have underestimated VR, limiting it only to games then let me tell you that you guys are in for a big surprise.

Why Online Gaming Industry is Growing So Fast in This Era?

You may read so many times at forums and blogs about online games. And you may also play and know much about play off. Here in this journal I would like to describe the major reasons of popularity of web games. You know before the arrival of internet there was very few games of computer and there players were just those well of who can afford them. In the start when computer newly invented there were very few console games that comes in CDs and DVDs. Kids purchased that CDs and spend their time and money in rental store. Now there is no need to wonder in markets to purchase your favorite game. As you can play games like Ben 10 games, Mario games, shooting, action, war, cooking, shower or any other game category online for free.

Everything One Should Know About Indian Mobile Gaming Market!

With the high number of increased mobile & tablet users, almost every company in India are focusing on mobile & are providing a satisfactory mobile experience. Traffic growth, revenue generation, reach and engagement are higher in phones compared to desktops. This is the clear indication that in order to reach the target audience & make them stay on your website, one need to provide rich mobile experience to the users.

Top Boardrooms For 2018 Gaming

The gaming industry is one of the most regulated companies in the world. With a colorful past, the industry has made every effort to earn a reputation as 'squeaky clean'. But has this translated into the boardroom and corporate governance in general?

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