Top 5 Awesome Gifts For Babies And Toddlers - Kids & Teens

Whether it is finding a perfect gift for your best friend's baby shower ceremony or the first birthday, the options are numerous. While some are expensive, there are also some pocket-friendly gift items. So, have a look at five such gifts for babies and toddlers that will surely steal your heart.

Gifting Options For 4 Year Old

Welcome your child to the club of four with more energy, liveliness and skills. By this time they are more confident on the basics like drawing, running, speaking. This year will be a lot more interesting for them looking out for new experiences where they can be independent and decision makers. There is a sense of confidence in the child while applying the skills at its fullest.

Gifting Options For 5 Year Old

By the time your child enters the age of five, he or she is ready to take big leaps and will be in the stage of entering primary school. For parents it may just seem like they were training them on various aspects and now they are all cooperative and independent. You will start witnessing a routine in their life along with more of curiosity and affection towards individuals. But, does it mean that your role is over in helping them develop their skills?

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