Why is Matcha Green Tea Good For Your Health? Can it Help Me Lose Weight?

Environment-friendly tea powder is made from the entire leaf of the Camellia sinensis plant. Often it will consist of the veins and stems of the leaf. It is milled from the leaf to make a powder. This powder can be utilized for making mixes for baking, cooking and even soaps and candles in addition to drinks. It is also utilized in some cosmetics. It can use up to 1 hour to grind 30 grams of Environment-friendly tea leaves into Matcha Powder. This is why Matcha powder is not inexpensive to purchase. The quality can be ritualistic tea quality or culinary grade utilized for baking.

Why Green Moong Dal Needs to be an Essential Part For a Diabetic's Diet?

People with diabetes need to follow a special diet plan with food rich in proteins and fibre and having a low glycemic index (GI). Such food takes longer to digest thus helping to maintain ideal blood sugar levels. If you are a diabetic, pre-diabetic, a borderline diabetic or even genetically inclined towards diabetes a healthy and nutritious diet plan in the proportion of 60:20:20 with carbs, proteins and fat respectively will work well. The ideal calorie intake per day should not exceed 1800 calories. Eating seasonal fruits, salads and fresh green vegetables is an absolute must.

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