8 Benefits of Healthy Massages For The Newborn

Are you decorating the room with cute child posters and thinking whether your child will be as healthy as the ones in the picture? Or have you already brought the newly born home and making his daily schedule for a healthy lifestyle ahead? Wait. Before you put in the long hours of sleep, proportionated amount of milk and other things in the list; leave a space in between for some 'massage time'. Yes, massage. Massages for infants is nowadays a growing, popular trait followed by young parents in order to govern the overall health of their babies. So, while you make a list of the vital things for your newborn, make sure that you incorporate baby massage in it. There are so many benefits that you can reap out of it, most importantly you can see your baby bloom as a healthy in front of your eyes. Out of all those, here, 8 of the most important benefits have been enlisted by us after in-depth research and survey:

3 Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

Cold and flu season can be a nightmare of exhaustion, sneezing, and discomfort that nobody wants to experience. Once they develop, these diseases spread like wildfire due to their infectivity and how easy it is to spread the germs, especially in children. Given the difficultly of curing the diseases, the best precautions to take are preemptive, as once you have the sickness you have to tough it out until your body can resolve the issue itself.

A Healthy Lifestyle Will Help Keep Polycystic Syndrome Disorder at Bay

Polycystic syndrome has become a hindrance and has affected lives of many women. PCOS affects women who have hormonal imbalances and it affects the woman's reproductive organs. There are various symptoms few of them are irregular or prolonged periods, pelvic pain, increase in facial or body hair, increase in acne, difficulty in pregnancy, darkening of skin etc. Women struggle for years with PCOS. The right medication can help solve the problem and get individuals living a normal life.

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