Recent Evolution's in Pharmaceutical Industry

Being the 9th world market leader for pharmaceutical industry, India increased in market value share to about $3 billion in 1998. The increasing demands seen by chemical suppliers in India were because of the immense developments and appreciation of people in alternative healing. The prices dictated by the market allowed pharmaceutical companies in India to accept low market prices. Studies showed that prices set by manufacturers failed to cover profitable business costs. Pharmaceutical companies can easily start a business because of the low capital requirement. Patent concerns were also enforced as the industry was only recently regulated by the government. Despite the freedom given to pharmaceutical manufacturers, the industry faced a lot of controversies existing until today which led for India's government to enforce regulation in the industry. These policies were used to ensure public safety and welfare.

The Pharmaceutical Industry is Building The Future of India

The pharma industry is a booming industry with sales and marketing executives working extensively for its widespread. However, a new model will now takeover with a major shift in pharmaceutical industry from mass market to target market methodology in order to augment profits. The future of the pharma industry seems to be very bright in India as it is the third largest pharma industry throughout the world.The Indian pharmaceutical industry is emerging as the best industry to invest in, thru the world and many multinational pharma companies are doing fairly well in India in comparison to other countries worldwide. The industry has low risks with augmented returns and great potential of growth due to which several investors are directed towards the industry.

All About Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry

Do you know that in the last few years healthcare has united with other industries for providing enhanced customer experience? Yes, it is so and this has resulted in a primary change in the Healthcare industry. And now they have moved from volume to value of care of patients that is actually an appreciating thing. In addition, as per digital healthcare reports, the growth in the cloud, data, and mobile technologies has interrupted the Health Care industry.

Cow Milk in The Food Beverage Industry

A well balanced diet with adequate milk consumption, combined with regular physical activity is a cornerstone of good health. A regular and healthy diet consists of three kinds of foods- Energy Rich Foods (carbohydrates and fats), Bodybuilding Foods (proteins) and Protective Foods (minerals and vitamins). Milk comes under the category of Bodybuilding Foods and its benefits for health are something that an individual can't afford to miss on.