Learn Three Basic Steps To Win At Chess

These chess tips are more about understanding the game of chess and developing a firm position than about finding the best move. A good rule of thumb is to move your chess pieces to control the center of the chess board. This rule branches off into two parts: Control the center and Develop your piece.

Scrabble Tip - Learn High Scoring Words

Not all Scrabble players are nerds and wordsmiths. A lot of them are ordinary people who just happen to love the challenge that the game presents and have a love affair with words. And ever since the game became playable online, more and more people are joining the fun and playing Scrabble. Unfortunately, loving the game and playing it often does not mean you'll eventually become a Scrabble expert. Possibly, most of us who are into the game are labeled "enthusiasts" simply because most of us play the game with self-taught strategies and are lucky enough to win a game or two. Scrabble experts, on the other hand, employ carefully researched strategies that have been tried and tested by others before. All of them also happen to possess an extensive collection of words committed to memory. And, these experts never feel troubled should they be "lucky" enough to draw one or two of the most uncommon letters in the English language.

Learning to Crochet

Crochet, in most people's eyes, has always been a grandmother type of hobby. The reality, however, is that crochet is much more than your grandmother and is definitely much more than "just" a hobby. It is an art that gave you that quilt you received from your granny last Christmas, the sweater you got from your wife for your last birthday, and the trendy Dolce and Gabbana scarf you bought for yourself last winter. Yes, crochet is a vital cog in our lives that we normally take for granted.

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