Colorado Enunciates Progressive Reform Measures to Handle 911 Calls

While the rest of the world was busy welcoming the New Year, it was the beginning of a nightmare for Gracie Parrish, still trying to come to terms with the death of her 29-year-old husband Zackari Parrish. Working as the Douglas County Sheriff's Deputy, he was killed in the line of duty while responding to a 911 call on the very first day of 2018.

Types, Causes, And Preventive Measures For Stroke

Stroke is a condition wherein the flow of blood to the brain is disrupted due to a blood clot or ruptured blood vessel or artery. A lack of oxygen or glucose in the blood causes brain damage or death of the brain cells. This leads to speechlessness or loss of memory or impairment of any part of the body.

Causes, Preventive Measures, And Home Remedies For Nosebleed

Nosebleed, medically termed as epistaxis, is a health ailment or condition about which most people are not aware of. Although it is not common like a fever or headache, there are chances that it may become a serious issue if left untreated. A nosebleed can be caused due to a multitude of reasons. An injury to the nose can cause nosebleed; the bleeding may be profuse or mild depending on the extent of the injury. Nosebleeds can also occur when the nasal membrane gets dry due to excess heat in the body that happens mostly during the summer months. Nevertheless, nosebleeds can also occur in cold climatic conditions. Respiratory problems are more prevalent in the winter months. During this time, people who suffer from nose blocks tend to breathe hard until the block is cleared which puts too much pressure on the nose that may well lead to bleeding from the nose. Thus, fluctuating temperatures can also cause epistaxis.

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