Sciatica A Normal Muscle Pain or a Special Case?

Generally, old people suffer from the pain in the nerve. One such common disease is known as Sciatica. It refers to the pain that is along the sciatic nerve. Hence, the name sciatica. The pain starts from the lower back and ends at end of your leg through your buttocks. Generally, Sciatica affects only one part of the body.

Treating Sciatica With Massage Therapy

Let's talk sciatica and how to self-treat it using a Thera Cane. Sciatica is usually associated with a pain shooting down from the hip to the leg and can sometimes cause numbness in the leg. But what exactly is sciatica? It's an inflammation of sciatic nerve which runs through the hip and down the side of your leg.

Easy Exercises For Managing Sciatica Pain

With age comes hindered function of the body. The body starts on the journey to senility and its functioning starts to hamper. There start of emerge pains in some or the other parts of the body every now and then. The bines start to become weak and the immune system of the body also starts going haywire. There is a lot that happens to the body as you start to cross the middle age. Of course, there are lifestyle diseases, but there are some disorders that just happen in the body that nobody knows why.

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