Virtual Answering Service Is Helping Boost The Hospitality Sector

You will be surprised to learn how virtual answering systems have come off age, offering a wide range of benefits to different industries. Hospitality management is an essential area of business. This commercial sector however involves sensitive areas pertaining to involvement in interaction with clients and customers. With communication technology growing in leaps and bounds, managing telephone calls has become an elementary function that businesses need to see. Especially commercial units serving customers and clients with lodging and food facilities should essentially look into the matter in order to hold on to the base.

5 Reasons How Data Science is Enhancing Telecom Sector

Data Science is no longer surrounded to only typical research firms. And, for the Telecom Sector, it is emerging as a gold mine with endless opportunities to dig and make the profit. Whether it is to understand the new data pack offers or forecast the bandwidth and capacity of a network.

New Job Opening in Government Sector

India economy and service sector in growing rapidly. The entry of private sector in almost all the industries challenge government sector to push up his limits and widens his domain of working. Following are few government sectors where the candidate will find good job opportunities along with good packages.

Key Challenges in Creating a Job Portal For The Informal Sector Workers in India

The grey economy can be defined in a broad sense as referring to the portion of the commercial activity that is either unregulated or insufficiently regulated by the state. In this sense, the blue collar economic activities are those productive activities that are unrecorded - or insufficiently accounted for - in a country's national income account.