Understanding Link Between Rising Teen Depression And Smartphone Use

Teens and smartphones are inseparable nowadays. With mobile devices offering a multitude of features from socializing to studying, today's generation is slowly developing the on-the-move addiction. And, like any other addiction, it has got its hazards too. Recent studies have reported a 33 percent increase in depressive symptoms, such as feeling useless and joyless, among American teens between 2010 and 2015. Moreover, the number of male adolescents aged 15-19 who committed suicide grew by 31 percent from 2007 to 2015, while the corresponding figure for female teens was a whopping 100 percent.

Things That You Must Know About Smartphones

The affection for smartphones is increasing every passing day. Each day, the mobile phone manufacturers are coming up with new smartphones and the customers are stacking up on the new technology. Dual sim smartphones have also made it easier to manage personal and professional numbers simultaneously. A list of key factors is to be kept in mind however, when you own a smartphone. Your best android phone is actually the best only when you know how to use it optimally.

Choose Prepaid Plans to Enjoy Unlimited Access to Smartphone

With the advancement in technology, there have come some drastic changes in the way we live life. From simple mobile phones which act as a connecting link between people to smartphones which allow you to indulge in so many things while on move, life has become a lot simpler and easier. With the easy availability of smartphones, each one of us has one. Whether it is shopping, seeking information online, paying bills or looking for job, everything has now boiled down to a few fingertips. It is simple, fast and easy to stay connected to even those who are in another part of the globe.

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