Most Common Types of Stress Fractures in Athletes And Sportspersons

Stress fractures are the most common type of injuries caused due to overuse in athletes and military recruits. Moreover, lower extremity bone fractures are often associated with sports and generally involve activities like jumping, running or repetitive stress. Initial diagnosis of fractures can be made by localized bone pain which increases with repetitive use or when weight is applied. Clinical diagnosis of stress fracture is best done by MRI or triple phase nuclear medicine bone scans. Treatment of fractures usually involve resting the injured bone until it is free of pain. Using air splinting for reducing pain and decrease in intensity of exercise is commonly prescribed until complete recovery.

A Useful Guide to Look For a Sports Physiotherapy Clinic

Have you injured yourself while doing any sport? Then, you need to consult with a sports physiotherapist at the earliest. There are several clinics for sports physiotherapy in Carlingford. However, you definitely want to visit the best one. But which is the one? There are ways to determine whether the clinic you are choosing is the best one. Here is a short guide

Sports Injuries And Treatment With Physiotherapy For a Long And Rewarding Career

A sportsman practices day and night, lives a life of discipline and participates in various tournaments with an aim that one day he will become a world-class player and internationally recognized. But during practice and tournaments, it is normal to get injured or a ligament getting pulled that can lead to excruciating pain and can even put a halt on the career if proper attention is not given. Nowadays, every team has their in-house medical team and physiotherapist who can give immediate medical attention to the injured athlete and prevent serious damage. But what are the major sports injuries and physiotherapeutic treatments that can help an athlete?

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