How to Teach Your Kids to Tell The Time - Kids & Teens

Along with learning how to tie shoelaces and how to write, learning how to tell the time is one of childhood's milestones. Before you begin making your clocks, make sure your kid knows the basics. Once the clocks are made, you can start teaching them the different blocks of time.

Piano Lessons With Intuitive Teaching Has Good Results

Teaching piano is not less challenging to children. One thing is true that they make everything exciting and are teachable. Learning opportunities now are filled with endless options and taking the privilege to put it into proper use is mandatory. Getting children to focus on something is really challenging, even if it means holding them for over five minutes. In fact, a bird flying or a strange noise is enough to excite a child and bring a quick halt to learning opportunities such as piano learning. Of course this does not mean the piano lessons must be stopped. Just consider easy and quick tips to succeed at the piano so that children are able to hold the real FOCUS. To begin with:

Why Go For Hobby Classes When You Can Teach Kids to Collect Stamps of India?

Hobby-classes are getting trendier by the day. More and more parents want their kids to learn a new hobby quickly so that they can pick up a new skill or utilise their free time more wisely. Some are even engaging their kids into multiple hobby classes at the same time. The most popular of them are skating, drawing, swimming, dance, music, etc. The rise in this trend could be because parents are not getting quality time to spend with their kids. Urban families are nuclear in size. Both parents are working in many cases. Also, many couples opt to have a single child these days due to the increasing expenses. What would a kid do when he or she is back from school and their parents have not yet home? Keeping them engaged in hobby classes looks like a better option where someone would be there to keep an eye on your kids. Moreover, they would also learn something new! The problem with these kinds of hobby-classes is that they can be very expensive at times. The charges mostly depend a lot on your locality. If you are living in a posh locality then there are high chances that these hobby classes might cost you a bomb! If you are looking for some other interesting options for hobbies then you should definitely consider stamp collecting. In fact, there can be nothing like making your kids aware about our great nation through the study of stamps of India. And the best part is that you won't have to spend much when it comes to collecting Indian stamps.

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