Process of Testing Your Blood Sugar

This will be accomplished with a glucose screen. It is a very short and easy process. You prick your finger with a lancet the use of a lancet tool. A lancet is a plastic piece with a pointed metal tip that is placed right into a pen-like device that is used to attract blood out of your finger. It is tremendously painless and with newer monitors there is very little blood this is had to run the check.

5 Benefits of Prenatal Testing

Prenatal testing is suggested when an expectant mother comes close to completion of her first trimester. Whereas nearly all pregnant women undergo high-level screens to check for any chromosomal abnormalities in their first trimester blood work, the doctor can also ask for other specific screenings and tests, such as nuchal translucency (NT) and non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) at the completion of first trimester. These screenings are important when an expectant woman is found to be at a high-risk (if one is more than 35 years of age or belong to a family of genetic defects in birth). With these tests one cannot expect to spot every possible abnormality, but they do aid in identifying the most general ones.

Importance of Prenatal Testing

Pregnancy brings with it a lot of anticipation and sometimes anxiety. You may be doing everything right, taking optimal nutrition, following good fitness and yet you may be faced with nagging worries about the baby's health. The good news is, there are various types of screening and diagnostic prenatal tests which can help lay your worries to rest.

What's Involved in Human Mycotoxin Testing?

Molds and fungi are a natural part of the environment, but that doesn't mean exposure to them or the mycotoxins they produce is healthy for humans. Some molds, in fact, create poisons that are directly linked to serious health conditions in people, such as asthma and other chronic respiratory complaints, kidney toxicity, immune suppression and birth defects. Mycotoxin testing is an effective way for people and their doctors to determine if a health condition is linked to exposure and it may help guide more effective treatment as a result.

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