Top 5 Awesome Gifts For Babies And Toddlers - Kids & Teens

Whether it is finding a perfect gift for your best friend's baby shower ceremony or the first birthday, the options are numerous. While some are expensive, there are also some pocket-friendly gift items. So, have a look at five such gifts for babies and toddlers that will surely steal your heart.

Finger-Painting With Toddlers And Pre-Schoolers

All toddlers and pre-schoolers love to finger-paint. They love the feel of the paint on their hands and they love being messy. Finger-painting for kids isn't just fun, it's also important. By engaging in this activity with your children, you can teach them about colour recognition and how to focus and you can also learn a lot about their emotional state by allowing them to engage in this form of self-expression. It can also be therapeutic for children, a way for them to vent their frustrations. Toddlers and pre-schoolers often get frustrated because they don't have the vocabulary to properly express how they're feeling or what they want from you, which often leads to temper-tantrums. Finger-painting tends to have a calming effect precisely because of the messy, almost destructive way in which the painting gets created. It's a release and similar to the one that some adults get from breaking something in a moment of rage, except that it doesn't result in something being broken but in something being created. So, if you are one of those adults who allow their temper to get the better of them, you might benefit from this activity as much as your child will.

5 Simple Tips To Help You Limit Screen Time Of Your Toddlers

Today, every parent is apparently facing this situation and many of them are seeking a way out as well. It is about limiting your infant, toddler or kid from screens like television, tablets and mobile. Many of you who are parents of two or more kids are well aware of the crankiness and tantrums that you have to deal with them in the early ages primarily. The most difficult part is that even we are so much used to screens that limiting our kids becomes all the more difficult when we ourselves ain't able to do it ourselves. Now, for the solution. The solution is basically all about engaging your child into an activity that enhances his or her creative, cognitive and motor skills.

Ways to Discipline Toddlers

Parents need to guide their kids with affection and discipline to help them find appropriate etiquette. Toddlers have special discipline requirements. They need individual discipline techniques that aids to develop their freedom while still educating them about the socially correct behavior. In Montessori toddler daycare, children are taught to be well disciplined. However, parents can follow guidelines to discipline their kids:

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