4 Must-have Products For an Upgraded Senior Lifestyle

It is rightly said that to care for those who once cared for us is the highest honors. Our elders have made us who we are today. Now is the time for reciprocate, perhaps. While your time and emotional support are the two things that they will cherish the most, you may not always be available to provide them with it. Material things on the other hand can be a token of your love and concern towards them. Here are 4 things you can surprise them with to make their life easier, as well as yours.

Upgrade Your Skills & Expertise With WSQ Programmes

The WSQ programmes are primarily designed for working individuals who aim to upgrade their skills. Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) is a national continuing education system in Singapore, which is introduced to improve the knowledge and professional skills of the Singaporeans. The Singapore government has come up with such a great initiative in order to offer skills-centric programmes for the citizens to succeed in their career. Keeping in mind the massive competition in the job industry, the Singaporean government has come up with this skills enhancement system so that the citizens can boost their career graph and enhance their expertise.

Popfax Announces a Full Capacity Upgrade

Today Popfax announced that in a couple of days, at the beginning of October, it plans a full system upgrade to cope with the growth of its customer base, which numbers increased to more than 50,000 individual and corporate users.

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